Your satisfaction is our primary concern


With deep and up-to-date knowledge of law, practice and case law combined with extensive and longstanding experience in the field of intellectual property law, SEDIN has the expertise available for the best possible care of your interests.


SEDIN values its clients and their projects. The firm puts emphasis on personalized communication, aiming to build fruitful and close partnerships. With a culture of service and having a human-sized structure, we are fast and flexible to meet your needs for the sake of the development of your activities.


At SEDIN, you get a tailor-made legal advice aligned with your business plans and your industry. We give you quick, clear and straightforward answers to your questions. We update you on the progress of your files on a regular basis.


In order to give you the best possible protection of your commercial assets at the lowest possible cost, we establish a customized action plan by setting out priorities for protection. Our goal? Ensuring that you get protected and defended while respecting your budget.


We favour an open, direct and transparent communication with our clients. We provide services tailored to your needs and at fair cost, on a fixed-price basis (provided on request). We detail all expected fees prior to providing services.


SEDIN respects a strict code of ethics, including full confidentiality of the information that is provided and not taking over representation in case of a conflict of interest. On request, we provide a non-disclosure agreement which sets our commitments.


The team consists of experienced and multilingual practitioners who are experts in intellectual property law. Our lawyers, paralegal and members of the administrative and accounting department are at your disposal to answer your questions.

Team 2021



SEDIN is a family business which was founded in 1976 in Geneva.

Throughout the years, SEDIN has expanded its services in the field of protection and defense of intellectual property rights. Its clientele has enlarged in Switzerland and abroad as well as to new industry sectors.

Today, SEDIN continues to grow. Its knowledge of the Swiss marketplace, of the ecosystem of the Lake Geneva area and component industries together with its active participation to professional associations and the Chambers of Commerce enable the firm to understand the current needs of the local clients and respond thereto. Its international network and the recognition of its services by the foreign customers provides SEDIN with a growing reputation in its area of expertise.